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Between criticism and praise, how much did ‘Adipurush’ earn on the opening day? Learn – Himachali Khabar


Adipurush: प्रभास,कृति सेनन,सेफअली खान की स्टारर फिल्म ‘आदिपुरुष’ थिएटर्स में रिलीज हो चुकी है। रिलीज के पहले ही दिन फिल्म ने अच्छी कमाई की है। रामायण पर आधारित आदिपुरुष का फैंस को बेसबरी से इतजार था। लेकिन फिल्म रिलीज होने के बाद इसकी बेहद अलोचना भी हो रही है।

good first day opening

‘Adipurush’ had collected around Rs 30 crores in gross collection advance from advance booking itself. It was expected that the film would comfortably collect Rs 75 to 80 crores in India itself. But Friday’s box office reports are indicating that ‘Adipurush’ has earned much more than this.

Prabhas’ film ‘Adipurush’ earned well on the first day but the film is facing a lot of criticism. Some such things have been shown in this film on which people have objection. From the dialogues given in the film to VFX, people are criticizing the film. The audience says that if this story was of some other king instead of Lord Ram, then everything would have been fine in the film. Would have been a good source of entertainment. What wonder this film will show in the coming days, only time will tell.

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